Module Mlpost

module Mlpost: sig .. end
This is Mlpost

module Signature: sig .. end

Interfaces to basic Metapost datatypes

module Num: sig .. end
Abstract numeric values
module Color: sig .. end
Definitions of many colors
module Point: sig .. end
Points in the plane
module MetaPath: sig .. end
MetaPaths: gradually build a path with constraints, get a real path at thxe end.
module Path: sig .. end
Fixed Paths
module Brush: sig .. end
Brushes : change the way lines are drawn in Mlpost
module Transform: sig .. end
Apply linear transformations to objects in Mlpost
module Picture: sig .. end
Functions to manipulate commands as if they were pictures
module Command: sig .. end
Basic drawing commands

Advanced graphical components

module Shapes: sig .. end
Rectangles, Circles, etc.
module Box: sig .. end
A Box is a rectangle with some content and a (not necessarily rectangular) frame.
module Arrow: sig .. end
Draw arrows and build new forms of arrows.

Helpers and Extensions

module Helpers: sig .. end
A few helper functions
module Tree: sig .. end
Create and draw trees
module Tree_adv: sig .. end
EXPERIMENTAL: A new way of placing trees.
module Diag: sig .. end
Create simple diagrams by placing objects in a table.
module Plot: sig .. end
A simple and limited way of plotting functions from int to int.
module Real_plot: sig .. end
A simple and limited way of plotting functions from float to float.
module Hist: sig .. end
Draw Bar diagrams (Histograms).
module Radar: sig .. end
Radar diagrams.
module Legend: sig .. end
Build a legend for diagrams.

Metapost generation

module Metapost: sig .. end
Functions to generate Metapost files
module Generate: sig .. end
Helper functions to generate test TeX files
module Concrete: sig .. end
Compute concrete values of numerics, points and paths; not always available
module Cairost: sig .. end
Use the Cairo backend to draw your figures; not always available