Functor Mlpost.Tree_adv.Place

module Place: 
functor (X : Signature.Boxlike) -> sig .. end
X : Signature.Boxlike

val gen_place : place:(Box.t Tree_adv.t -> Box.t) ->
X.t Tree_adv.t -> X.t Tree_adv.t
This is a generic function for placing trees, provided that the user can give us the following functions:
place : a function which knows how to place a tree of boxes - it should return a box where all the boxes of the input tree appear.
val place : ?ls:Num.t ->
?cs:Num.t ->
?valign:Box.position ->
?halign:Box.position -> X.t Tree_adv.t -> X.t Tree_adv.t
This is an instance of gen_place using the tree drawing algorithm from the module Tree.