Module Mlpost.Shapes

module Shapes: sig .. end
Rectangles, Circles, etc.

Various Basic Geometric Shapes
val round_rect : Num.t -> Num.t -> Num.t -> Num.t -> Path.t
round_rect w h rx ry returns a rectangle of width w and height h with rounded corners. The rounded corners are arcs of an ellipse of radii rx and ry. rx (resp. ry) should be positive and smaller than w/2 (resp. h/2).
val rectangle : Num.t -> Num.t -> Path.t
rectangle w h returns a rectangle of width w and height h.
val ellipse : Num.t -> Num.t -> Path.t
ellipse rx ry returns an ellipse of great axis rx and small axis ry. The ellipse is centered on the origin and aligned with the x axis.
val circle : Num.t -> Path.t
val patatoid : Num.t -> Num.t -> Path.t
See Box.patatoid.
val patatoid2 : Num.t -> Num.t -> Path.t
See Box.patatoid2.