Module Mlpost.Metapost

module Metapost: sig .. end
Functions to generate Metapost files

val set_filename_prefix : string -> unit
Add to the filename given to the emit function this prefix. This function is here just for convenience
val generate_mp : string ->
?prelude:string -> ?eps:bool -> (int * Command.t) list -> unit
val generate : string ->
?prelude:string ->
?pdf:bool ->
?eps:bool ->
?verbose:bool -> ?clean:bool -> (int * Command.t) list -> unit
val emit : string -> Command.t -> unit
val dump : ?prelude:string ->
?pdf:bool -> ?eps:bool -> ?verbose:bool -> ?clean:bool -> string -> unit
dump ?prelude ?pdf f builds a Metapost file for all figures, then runs Metapost on it, and renames figure files according to the names specified to emit. The file suffix is .mps if pdf is set, and .1 otherwise.
val dump_mp : ?prelude:string -> string -> unit
val dump_png : ?prelude:string -> ?verbose:bool -> ?clean:bool -> string -> unit
val read_prelude_from_tex_file : string -> string
read the prelude from a tex file, until the end of file or the text "\begin{document}" if it is outside a comment
val dump_tex : ?prelude:string -> string -> unit
dump_tex ?prelude f builds a LaTeX file f.tex for all the figures, using LaTeX prelude prelude if given.
val slideshow : Command.t list -> int -> (int * Command.t) list
takes a list of figures and returns a list of figures of exactly the same size (the size of the biggest figure). Shared objects are hopefully placed at the same absolute location across figures. The resulting figures are numbered with consecutive increasing integers, starting with the given value.
val emit_slideshow : string -> Command.t list -> unit
emit the list of figures as a slideshow, using the slideshow function.
val dumpable : unit -> unit
val depend : string -> unit