Module Mlpost.Concrete

module Concrete: sig .. end
Compute concrete values of numerics, points and paths; not always available

val supported : bool
module CPoint: sig .. end
The module of concrete points
module CPath: sig .. end
Concrete Paths
module CTransform: sig .. end
val float_of_num : Num.t -> float

Compute the concrete value

val compute_nums : unit -> (Num.t -> unit) * (unit -> unit)
The value of a num in bp
val cpoint_of_point : Point.t -> CPoint.t
val cpath_of_path : Path.t -> CPath.t
val ctransform_of_transform : Transform.t -> CTransform.t
val baselines : string -> float list

Compute the baselines of a tex

Simple functions for the opposite operations

val num_of_float : float -> Num.t
exactly Num.bp
val point_of_cpoint : CPoint.t -> Point.t
val path_of_cpath : CPath.t -> Path.t
val transform_of_ctransform : CTransform.t -> Transform.t
val set_verbosity : bool -> unit

Some options (the mlpost tool takes care of them)

val set_prelude : string -> unit
set_prelude filename uses the prelude of the file filename for compilation of the tex snippets
val set_prelude2 : string option -> unit
set_prelude2 prelude uses this prelude for compilation of the tex snippets
val set_t1disasm : string option -> unit
Deprecated in a next release