Mlpost is an Objective Caml interface to Metapost.

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Have a look at our examples.


There is a small manual. There also is a FAQ.

Browse the API. Note that all modules are packaged into a single module Mlpost.


Current version is 0.8.1 and can be downloaded from here. Here are the CHANGES.

A Debian package is also available:

sudo apt-get install mlpost

Bugs and Contributions

If you find a bug in Mlpost, or you are desperately missing a feature, please consider submitting a Bugreport .

If you want to contribute, the Mlpost project uses git for its development. You can access the repository using this anonymous access:

git clone

The main development branch is called master (Attention, the code may contain errors or unfinished features), but there are also branches for each released version. We are happy to receive patches.


Mlpost is developed by
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